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Preparing the long-term future
In order to better identify and anticipate emerging needs, Spie batignolles has put in place an in-house Jobs Observatory, which helps to closely oversee the implementation of the intergenerational strategic workforce planning agreement signed in 2017 that is designed to enable the Group to adapt to changes in its industry. This comprehensive programme is supplemented by a process to closely monitor individual careers through personal appraisals as well as the skills and development committees. To encourage employees to stay with Spie batignolles, this two-pronged approach helps to precisely identify the profiles required for the Group to grow. The mobility charter opens bridges between various positions and professions within the different entities. In the event of two applicants possessing the same level of skills, Spie batignolles systematically favours the internal candidate.
Adapting internal organisation to new ways of working
The Group’s strategic plan involves deploying new ways of working – both in terms of operational and management techniques – in order to increase team efficiency and underpin its collaborative approach. The Group supports all its employees, both old and new, to adopt these innovative systems, primarily by providing continuous training. The updated internal organisation involves in particular:
• The introduction of new management techniques that are more flexible and transferable.
• Greater inter-activity and cross-business cooperation in order to promote pooling of skills and collective creativity as well as foster communities of practice that bring together employees from a variety of business activities and subsidiaries. Several divisions have already been set up to consider certain issues, including BIM and digital tools.
• Gradual digitisation of business activities, tools and practices.
Spie batignolles has launched a pilot project with the start-up Crafty
to facilitate mobility between teams and develop new career paths.
The aim is to draw up a personal skills map for each employee to make it easier to identify the right person for a particular position while encouraging employees to pass on their expertise with colleagues.

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