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People are at the heart
of the Group’s success.
Having acknowledged the integral role employees play, Spie batignolles implemented an HR policy specifically designed to support its people and their development across many areas, including health, safety, quality of life at work, induction, retention, skills development, gender equality and integration.
Safeguarding health and enhancing quality of life at work
Spie batignolles has put in place a cross-business programme to improve the working environment for all Group employees, which includes safeguarding their health and boosting employee-employer relations. This approach is built in particular around a Group agreement on the quality of life at work signed in February 2019, which sets out seven priority topics and includes best practice and indicators.
The seven priority topics of the Group agreement on the quality of life at work
include improving the working environment, adapting ways of working to new technology, promoting health and safety, fostering solidarity between colleagues, boosting relations between the company and its employees, striving for gender equality and creating a pleasant working atmosphere.
Safety: preventing risk and raising awareness to achieve the “Zero Accident” target
As the Group’s number one priority, safety is at the heart of every worksite and project. The Health & Safety Action Plan, headed by its own department and a network comprising the Prevention Committee and 80 prevention champions based throughout France, is implemented through a number of effective initiatives, such as safety visits, campaigns to raise awareness among new recruits, training courses for team leaders and site managers and topical discussions about prevention on site.
Also rolled out in 2019, the “Preventive Attitudes” programme defines nine habits employees should adopt to prevent risks and work towards the “Zero Accident” target. Furthermore, the Group works with specialist professional bodies (occupational health service, OPPBTP and Carsat) throughout the year to drive change in employees’ mindsets and behaviour.
Spie batignolles reacted quickly and adapted its organisation when the crisis hit, both when lockdown was imposed, by putting in place remote working, as well as when it was eased and operations resumed. A special app has been developed for computers, smartphones and tablets to support the “Covid correspondents” appointed by each worksite to organise the morning kick-off meetings during which they remind employees about the hygiene measures, check protective equipment and review the heightened disinfection procedures. The app can be used to signal a lack of equipment and access the Group’s Covid portal, while also eliminating the need to print out documents.

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