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Integrating projects into their surroundings
Spie batignolles operates in a way that combines anticipation, responsiveness and dialogue to reduce any potential worksite-related pollution or disruption to local residents and the environment. Preventive action plans are put in place in order to minimise problems such as noise pollution, dust, traffic disruption and deviations, and provide local residents with regular updates. Projects are systematically tailored to any geographic, meteorological and town-planning considerations specific to the area surrounding worksites. An environmental assessment is conducted as early as necessary before starting work in order to avoid the risk of leaking or spilling hazardous materials and control any discharge into the air, water or soils.
Championing the circular economy
Spie batignolles has adapted its organisation to integrate the circular economy in order to better control, use and recycle resources during the construction phase, especially raw materials, by working closely with local partners and suppliers as early on as possible. The Group also conducts a comprehensive life cycle analysis of its structures right from the design stage in order to anticipate their impact during the operations stage as well as in demolition and recycling. This approach closely reflects the French anti-waste and circular economy law passed in early 2020.
• Construction of sedimentation tanks in Saint-Savinien as part of the project to dredge the Charente River between Port d’Envaux and the A837 motorway.
• Construction of 10 tanks to prevent floods and development of new structures to protect wildlife and allow species to move around as part of the project to widen the A63 motorway to three lanes in both directions between Ondres and Bénesse Maremne.
• Development of a nature path
downriver from the Normandy Bridge to showcase the natural assets in the local area for the Maison de l’Estuaire.
• Work in partnership with local residents, elected officials and state bodies to shine a spotlight on the area surrounding the site of the future Lyon—Turin railway, between Saint-Martin-La-Porte and La Praz.
• Installation of a heat recovery system, rooftop solar panels and a heat pump to optimise energy consumption at the new aquatics centre in Aulnay-sous-Bois.
• Trialling the 5G road in Egletons along a 300 m section to communicate data about the state of the road (temperature, humidity and surface defects).
Development of a nature path Spie batignolles vallia

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